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Main features:
  • consisting of a Lifting Table with conveyor belt
  • it lifts and transports the goods sideways
  • the operator controls the lifting table through the electric control panel, push-buttons strip or control pedal with dead-man-control; if the Picker is part of an installation, the installation can control the Picker

  • entirely painted carbon iron structure
  • AISI 304 (or AISI 316) stainless steel structure, painted carbon iron cylinders and power plant, PVC electric control panel
  • AISI 304 (or AISI 316) entirely stainless steel structure, cylinders, tank and electric control panel, that can be specific for the food sector (supplied with oil certificate for food sector, on request) and for the maritime sector
  • hot galvanized or acierated structure

Available versions:
  • with electric control panel
  • with junction box